I really want this bag....

The Hermes Constance (Jackie O) is the shoulder candy of my dreams.It was designed in 1959 and the reason why it is nicknamed the Jackie O is because the first bag left an Hermes store the day her fifth child was born. The baby was named Constance.It is making a huge resurgance at the moment. I think its because shoulder bags and satchels are very in. It has a shoulder strap that is quite long which all my favourite and most used bags HAVE to have. Oh if only I could find a spare couple of grand lying around. Love this green croc one that MK Olsen is sporting.

Blow Up

One of my favourite fashion inspiration films. A Michaelangelo Antonioni classic from 1966. It captures the excitement and style of swinging London. Starring Jane Birkin when shes only a teen, Vanessa Redgrave and Verushka the famous 60s model. The story follows a fashion photographers disillusionment with his work and rich lifestyle. This is a famous scene of one of his photoshoots. Those poor girls!

Laragh Mc Cann

Some say extra-terrestrial beauty I say extraordinary beauty this girl has to be the best Irish export in quite a while! While most Irish models do well on our own turf not many cut the mustard internationally. Laragh is only 20 years old born in Dublin and has already walked for some of the biggest fashion houses in the world. Chanel, Miu Miu, Yohi Yamamoto, Dries Van Noten are just to name a few.She has appeared in many editorials including Dazed and Confused, Harpers Bazaar and Italian Flair. They say that most successful models are those that can change their appearance drastically and Laragh is definately a chameleon. You can see that from her runway pictures. Definately one to watch and I love that she is Irish.

Bonne Chance

One of my dearest friends is leaving for London next week. I am gonna miss you a lot girl. A beautiful Parisienne who will usually be seen wearing one of the following cute socks, a fabulous neck scarf tied in a very chic way, a little box bag and one of her signature trench coats. She really inspired me with fashion and showed me that less really is more. Au revoir Mimi. Bonne Chance xx

Golly Gosh

As you may well know in Ireland when you travel out of the big smoke, the shopping especially vintage shopping can be a lot more limited. So I was over joyed to see some friends of mine Terry and Dave open up their own vintage store called Golly Gosh in Waterford. The first of its kind in the city what they have achieved with the space they have has blown me away. Everywhere you look there is something that stimulates the visual senses. A little gem crammed with vintage bargains it is definately worth the visit. I know the guys would like to open a sister shop in Dublin at some stage so fingers crossed. I heart Golly Gosh.

Vintage Virgin

I really cannot stop raving about this girl. She is so cool. From Heuston Texas everything that she wears on her blog is thrifted from top to toe. I think that is the ultimate in creativity and proof that you don't need designer gear to create a fabulous look. I follow many blogs for inspiration but she is one of my favourites as she continually surprises me with new individual outfits. Shes a trendsetter for sure.

Cosmic Love

Just back from Barcelona for Primavera Sound 2010. Had an amazing time.No muck and no rain and very civil well behaved Spanish festival goers meaning we could very easily get to top of the stage for every gig. My highlight was definitely Florence. She was a vision in a sheer white 20s style flapper dress embellished with crystals. She looked like an angel. Her voice just blew us away. Sun + Mojitos + Florence makes me very happy.

Chain on me

A trend that is definately going to explode this Autumn/ Winter is body chains. They can be added to a very simple dress or over a t -shirt with an amazing effect. I have to have one. Topshop will be doing a fabulous t with a body chain bra attached for their winter collection 2010. I will be waiting excitedly for that one!!