A few great finds.....

My trip to Hamburg was magical.The weather, the food, and the company were great but most importantly the shopping. I love going to new cities where I can discover vintage stores that I haven't been to before. Sometimes I find nothing but usually I come back with one little gem that I love. Hamburg was just great for vintage. In an area called St. Pauli there were loads of vintage shops. There was one called Hot Dogs where I found an 70s Oscar de la Renta ensemble skirt and top for Euro 50. I didn't buy it because it looked like a dress on the hanger and I only realised it was a two piece with a long skirt when I went to try it. A little bit too prairie style for me. I am kind of kicking myself that I didn't buy it anyway to resell. Hipcats and Suspect were two other ones that were great too. So, back to the point! While rambling around I found one of my best little finds ever. This bag above. I just love it. A black leather shoulder bag with a gold lions head on the front. It is just delicious.Everything I have ever wanted in a bag and more! I love it so much its hanging in a prime spot in my room now so I can see it ever time I walk in.

Another great find this week was this Balenciaga shirt I bought from eBay for Euro 40. What a steal. It is a beautiful cotton shirt with really cute embroidery spelling BB which you can see from my pics and also cute button details on the collar and arms. It still has the tags on it and has never been worn. Those hours spent trawling through eBay can be worth it.

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