Sky High

While doing our usual rounds of the shops my friends and I came accross these amazing wedges in Oasis. I was more than pleasantly surprised. In the last while I have to admit I have become a bit of a shop snob and rule out a lot of high street names because I think I don't like their style but it just goes to show you can find some pretty cool things in places you don't expect. These wedges are a little bit Rick Owens and super comfortable. I ran around in them last Saturday night feeling very tall but just be careful because if you fall you will go flying like I did in Centra around 3am !
They are half price in Oasis at the moment costing Euro 44 approx or alternatively you can buy them on Asos see the link below
Oasis Wedge

Have a look at FashionToasts blog of her wearing a very similar Topshop pair.

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