Biba is Back in House of Fraser

The brainchild of Barbara Hulanaki, Biba's first store opened in Kensington in 1964 and revolutionised fashion in the 60's. Becoming a destination store for most teenagers and girls in their twenties Barbara started new trends with all the clothes designed by herself. It was a new concept, almost the beginning of high street with all the clothes being affordable for the average working teenager.Outside, the windows of the store were blacked out to seduce customers with the idea of what could be inside and inside the decor was opulent with ostrich feathers, chequered floors and the lack of light from the windows creating a dark moody atmosphere. Music was played loud and fast and clothes were hung on coat hangers instead of rails. The brand soon epitomised the swinging 60s and became the first cult label of the era. I always think that it would have been my perfect place to work! The label suffered financial difficulties in the 70s, was bought over and Barbara left the company. In 2006 it was relaunched with Bella Freud as designer and didn't really take off but it has recently been bought by House of Fraser and will soon be available for all us ladies to buy in September. I am waiting with bated breath......

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