Whitney Eve in Alila

The only boutique in the country that will stock this funky little label is Alila boutique in Drury Street, Dublin. We all know and love Whitney Port, star of The City and I was delighted to hear that we would actually get to see Whitney Eve in Ireland. Ali, the boutique owner showed me some of the great pieces she has ordered from the Fall 2010 collection which are pictured above. The lace dress is just divine. They will arrive around September/October so get your name down for the ones you want, as I am sure there will be a stampede! Ali told me that she was actually filmed for the series while buying the collection in New York. What a great experience! It was the episode where Whitney and Roxy were showing the collection to potential buyers. She got to meet Whit and says that she was really sweet. Now that just makes me love her even more! Alila

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  1. this is the Boutique of my Flatmate's Friend Louise ! I knew this story before you ! Creative Pig