Transforming Accessories.....

Your accessories can really transform an outfit or sometimes even be the outfit. Here is one uber expensive one I love and one really great inexpensive one too. Because of my line of work I have become fussy with the quality of fabrics and now tend to save for something more expensive not necessarily because it looks better but usually because the fabric and cut are better and the item lasts longer. If you have a good eye you can sometimes spot things on the highstreet that really look a lot more than their price and have the craft of something more designer. I think this feather collar really shows this.

This ring is from one of my favourite jewellery lines at the moment ManiaMania. It is to die for.If you know me and love me this is what I want for Christmas!

Next are doing a feather cape exactly like this one for only Euro 25. They have been coming up with some great fashion recently. Their bags are also very good at the moment.

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