The Weight Debate ....

Chrystal Renn at her Skinniest

Chrystal Renn is a smouldering hot beauty. Born in Miami Florida in 1986, she was always such a tomboy that her Mum sent her to a modelling school to learn etiquette and posture as a teenager. She was scouted at 14 but was told she would have to loose one third of her body weight to succeed in the industry. Chrystal starved herself to near death exercising for at her own admission 2 hours every day and up to 7 on weekends. Renn realised how miserable she was and how her health was suffering. She dropped out of the fashion world, gained weight and was resigned to the Ford agency as a plus sized model. She wrote a book called "Hungry" detailing her ordeal and struggle with her weight. With her demand soaring she is now even more popular than before recently walking for the Chanel Resort '11 show. Having shifted a little weight and probably being more toned than when she first emerged as a plus size Renn is now causing controversy with some saying that she has succumbed to loosing weight again in order to fit the model profile. Chrystal denys this saying she has naturally lost some weight in the past year and does not monitor her diet. Personally, I think she looks fantastic now. She is still curvy, beautiful and is glowing with health. She has lost some weight but so what? Lets not the build the girl up to tear her down. She has broken boundaries with top designers using her for catwalk and editorial work. She has made it OK to be curvy in fashion and showed that high fashion can look even better on a more natural frame.

Her Heaviest .......

And Now ....


  1. Yep, 'now' works for me, her previous sizes don't represent her as well. She looks happy and most importantly healthy at the weight she is now. Quite hilarious that her weight is classed as plus-size though, what is she a size 10?!?

  2. She can't be more than 10, it's mad... she's gorgeous though, that seems to be her exact size, looks perfect. I wish more models looked like that!