Caveat Emptor .....

Christmas for me is usually short lived. As a fashion slave, no sooner has my Christmas feast been digested but I have to think of the dreaded 26th. 9am doors open and I prepare to spend the next few days ducking in and out of the thousands of frenzyed shoppers vying for the last 50% off Prada bag! All for the love of fashion I say. While some of you have passed happily through Christmas and haven't even thought about leaving the house yet, there is one type of person thats been very busy the last few days. THE SALE SHOPPER. I think we can honestly divide this girl into two categories.
The clueless: Those who scored loads of gift cards and money for Christmas are out in full force ready to spend. She doesn't care what it is as long as it is on sale. Out of my way!
The focused: This girl eyed up what she wanted before Christmas and is now armed and ready to make that long desired purchase. One that will fit into her perfect capsule wardrobe.

So girls when the musics pumping and the price is just too good to resist bear in mind a few things.....

1. How will this item fit into YOUR wardrobe?
2. Do you really love it or just love the new price tag?
3. Try thinking of things that you actually need to complete your wardrobe instead of just making naughty purchases.


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  1. So true. It's hard to always be sensible though... especially when it's on sale ;)