Bride To Be ......

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Has there been a time warp? Recently, it feels like all friends and family of my age are announcing wedding dates. And while I am so happy for them all, I am left wondering how this has happened all of a sudden. Not only that but people have started to ask me the dreaded question " So any plans for marriage and babies yourself?". No sir ee not for me not just yet. Maybe I am avoiding growing up or maybe I like being a free bee too much. Anyway I think I have a few more things I would like to do as a single female before all that. I am happy as I am !!!! But it did get me thinking. What kind of bride I would be? What dress would I choose should it be my big day? I am sure when the time comes I will be a little more conventional than I would like to think, but in my mind now this is how I would like to look! A bridal dress with a bit of tongue - in - cheek rebellion!
This is a sassy bridal look by Jeremy Scott for his S/S 11 collection.

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