Golly Gosh Opening in Dublin ......

I caught up with Terence Murphy to ask him a few questions about the opening of his vintage store Golly Gosh (owned with David Jones)in Dublin, which is happening tomorrow Saturday 22nd January at 2 Crown Alley Temple Bar above Happy Days.

S:Hey Terry! So Tell me a little about how Golly Gosh came about?

T:Myself and David opened a market stall at the Blackrock markets about 2 years ago. When the summer ended we decided we really wanted to do it full time. I am originally from Waterford and know there is a really cool music and alternative scene there and thought it would be a great place to start. We were only back in Waterford a week or two when we found the perfect location and so it began.

S: You have been getting involved in other fashion projects too this year Terry, tell me about that?

T: Over the past year I've not only been working in the store but also working with Sarah Jane Hanton of beauty.ie as a stylist on vintage inspired photo shoots , the freestyle glamour market and other events in the freestyle studio. I've also worked as a stylist on a few music videos such as Solar Taxi's new single which is amazing by the way and I'm due to work with SweetJane on their new video soon.

S:What sets Golly Gosh apart from other vintage stores?

T:We cater for men and ladies and have an amazing selection from various era's! We said when we were starting off that we wanted to be different and keep our prices affordable as I believe that's what vintage is all about! It's a great feeling to find a piece you adore and then to realise you can actually afford it! I have a 70's vintage biker jacket I got for ten euros years ago and it's like a second skin! In the store we also sell one off pieces by Waterford designer Bonzie Crotty who was just voted Ireland's most influential fashion designer!Her stuff is unbelievable! We also sell Waterford artist Lisa Connolly's "stitch girl" art which is really beautiful.

S: I cannot wait to see the place, so what can we expect on your opening day?

T: We're still glue gunning pearls and flowers and pasting images all over the place but hopefully we should be ready Friday night to open our doors Saturday morning!!! We are going to have great discounts, great tunes and sweet treats for all tomorrow so please pop in!

S: I most certainly will. BEST OF LUCK GUYS xx


  1. FABULOUS! Love a good vintage shop.

    Stacey Kay
    “Runway Inspiration, Vintage Decoration”
    Women’s Fashion Examiner-Cleveland

  2. that's a gorgeous pic!! love the way temple bar is getting cool again, so many little shops popping up. long may it last.


  3. I know janey it is really great this recession is bringing back the creative smaller shops again
    I am really happy about that.