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On a rainy evening 7th December in Rue Cambon the Paris - Byzance Metiers d'Arts show was held. The cushions were handpainted and the walls were covered with gilted sequins. The show was attended by Diane Kruger, Vannessa Paradis and Charlotte Casiraghi. Karl was inspired by Coco's love of Byzantine jewellery and Theodora the Empress of the Byzantine empire. His interest in Byzantine history brought him to Ravenna in Italy where he saw the last of the worlds remaining Byzantine architecture and spectacular mosaics.
This collection was golden, decadent and just so beautiful.
The work that goes into these collections is really unbelievable. Hours and hours of intricate beadwork on each piece.
People often comment on the extortionate prices of ready to wear and haute couture but it is all in relation to the detail and hours work carried out on the piece.
Take a look at some pictures from the house of Lesage. They are one of the oldest embroidery and beadwork houses in Paris. They are owned by Chanel but work on 85% of the worlds couture. Lesage hand sews 100 million sequins and 150lbs of beads a year.
Fran├žois Lesage, is the 80-year-old master and last remaining heir of the 150-year-old establishment. Here are some pictures of some seamstresses working on the Paris - Byzance collection. You can see Karl's sketches and their beadwork in relation to that.

Also take a look at Massaro the atelier in Paris that makes shoes for Chanel. Here are some pictures of Byzance boots and shoes being made in Massaro. Amazing. Now you know why they are so expensive. These ateliers are preserving dying crafts.

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