Tick Tock Tick Tock ..........

All us girlie's in BTs are counting down the days to the opening of new Louboutin store happening mid feb with an opening event happening February 14th Valentines day (as far as I know). Perfect excuse to drag him along and buy you a pair I say!
Louboutin has to be Irish women's number 1 designer shoe brand so I am sure it is going to do really well. It will be great to have whole collections each season.
Nothing has been confirmed but I wonder if the man himself will be there on the day to sign those infamous red soles??
Exciting to see a new store opening but a little sad to see the lovely Manolo's go ...
Have a flick through the website for the new Louboutin Spring /Summer collection. It has a really great animation of Christian as the Pied Piper of shoes!!!

My Favourites

For Him Roller Boy Spikes

For Her Luxura


  1. I am waiting and waiting and can't wait anymore!! ohh I want a pair so badly ;)

  2. Omg i did not no this! i will have to go take a look when its open!x