Yumiki Nagano....

Yumiki Nagano is the beautiful singer from the Swedish electro soul band called Little Dragon. Her stage presence astounds me for the little pixie that she is and her wardrobe always delights me. She has a voice that would melt the hardest of hearts. Yumiki also features on the Gorillas album. This is one of my favourite tracks called "Fortune" from their album " Machine Dreams ".

Mountain of pearls to sooth the soul
gold and silver and silk to cover the old
clocks and rubies crushing these hard bones Im going blind from to many shiny stones
fortune cast a curse I knew It would
fortune bury you
I knew It would
sleep on ugly dreaming wave
vivid life turn into grey , no friends want to stay around
so moving on to a different part of town
fortune cast a curse I knew it would
fortune bury you I knew it would

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