Zombie Boy...

Rick Genest is the most talked about male model of the moment. The 25 year old tattooed boy in GaGas new video Born This Way was found by Nicola Formichetti (creative director of Thierry Mulger and brains behind GaGa's fashion inspirations) on the internet.Since appearing in GaGa's video he has also walked for Thierry Mulger in last weeks show and has become an overnight sensation aquiring 20,000 facebook fans at the same time. From Montreal, Canada Rick was well known in his native city having invested 7,000 dollars on his unique tattooing. He says he was always obsessed with zombies and horror movies as a kid and always wanted to look like one. His Mum has said that he comes from a conservative family but that he is the gentlest soul who always looks after his younger brothers and sisters and the family accept his uniqueness.
I think facial tattoos are always controversial but Rick's tattoos really do not offend me and I think he is quite hot actually. Does that make me wierd???!!

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