Bite Plate ...................

If you follow fashion blogs for inspiration like I do you start to see some serious homogenisation of style after a while. Certain things are trendy for a time so everyone is wearing them in style posts and after a time it get's kinda boring. Fashion is supposed to be about fun and expression. I found this blog and was happily surprised to find some girls doing something completely different. Caillianne, Samantha and Chloe Beckerman are from Toronto and have amazing, wacky fabulous style. They chronicle their adventures to fleas markets, the parties they attend, cool fashion friends they are visiting but the best thing about their blog is the style posts. Showing their eclectic mix of vintage pieces mixed with some very high end designer pieces all accessorized in the totally unique Beckerman way. You will see what I mean! If you are looking for a style blog with something a little different look no further.....Beckerman Bite Plate


  1. these girls rock alright- they have some style!!!!!
    so fun and full of energy!!!