I Love You Pat Cleveland..............

with Halston in Studio 54

Part Irish/Black and Cherokee Pat Clevelands' unusual beauty was spotted by a Vogue Editor on the New York Subway on her way to LaGuardia Perfoming Arts School when she was just 14. She was launched into the 70's fashion world walking for all the big names at the time but becoming a house model for Halston. Pat was known for her unusual theatrical style walk on the runway and was often accompanyed by another male model called Sterling. She would bring an air of drama to the catwalk reminiscent of McQueen's shows in nearer times where models didn't just walk but moved and acted out a scene for the audience.
The vid below shows some of her famous moves.

Alicia Drake in the book The Beautiful Fall described Pat Cleveland’s arrival in Paris in the late 1970’s, saying, “[she came] with liquorice hair, legs like pipe-cleaners, and a Harlem shimmy dance-movement that recalled Josephine Baker…she [ate] up the catwalks with her shimmering sexiness and laughter, bringing a movement and dance to fashion that no one had ever seen before. ”
Pat lived the studio 54 lifestyle counting Karl Largerfeld, Yves Saint Laurent and Andy Warhol amongst her friends. She bowed out of modelling in the 80's to settle down with her husband with whom she has two kids one of which Anna is now a model herself. She paved the way for future black models and still remains totally unique today in how she modelled. Here PAt talks about her life in the 70's. She is still really beautiful.


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