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They say a blog is like your own personal moodboard of inspiration and thats how I like to think of mine. It's definately become a space for me to share all the whacky and cool things I find through my internet browsing or travels. In the beginning I had many more ideas for this page and hopefully I will get around to some of them but for now my friends it's my wonderful finds be it shops, people or style.

"Dare to Dream" is Dolly Dare's catchphrase and that you certainly will at this fabulously original independant designer boutique. Stocking all their own designs of fabulously frothy dolly mixture dresses. In a world of depleting quality vintage and mass high street it's great to see some new designers setting up shop. Located in Spitafields, London, you cannot help but be drawn into it's ultra dolly femininity. It feels like your jumping into a huge strawberry cream cake! Their window displays are pretty cool too adding to the whole image with doll faced mannequins sporting masses of curly hair and doilys decorating the windows. Check em out here DOLLY DARE


Another East London favourite of mine is Shop172. It's located on Brick Lane and is another proud stockist of independant designers boasting 26 international independant labels including Yuko Yoshitake, Neurotica, Kapow!Wow! and Belle Sauvage all from countries such as Japan, Denmark and Israel. A feast for the creative eye, I found many amazing unique pieces here including some from this crazy designer called Riina Oun of Oun Design. Check out her toe shoes and two face bag!

Cool Huh!
They also have an amazing website where you can buy all their fabulous things
SHOP172 and a great little blogaroo keeping you up to date on their new finds and things they get up to on Brick Lane. So here is some shop love from me to you. I have been sporadic of late but I should have some more interesting posts in the coming weeks so turn on and tune in .............................

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