Bree Bennett Customised Vintage....

Bree in one of her own designs

100 Squared is a unique retail concept based in Westfield, Sydney, Australia that took 100 square metres of space and turned it into a store that houses only emerging designers. I really support these ventures. We need to give our young designers more outlets to sell their wares. I think Atelier 27 in Dublin has been great for this.
100 Squared stocks gems of young Aussie designers, one of which is Bree Bennett. I love what Bree is doing. She hunts down unique vintage pieces and tears them apart, hacking off sleeves or adding leatherpieces or different fabrics to create a new modern garment. I have been a vintage collector for years now and have collected some beautiful, unique pieces my time. What you learn about vintage is that you really have to pair it with new modern pieces to stop your look being too dated. I have found myself customising vintage finds by shortening lengths or taking the sleeves off but I love how Bree is taking pieces and putting a totally new spin on them. Her collections have been so successful she is now expanding her space in 100 Squared this year. I really hope she will start selling online soon so us fashion lovers abroad can purchase some of those lovely upcycled clothes. Support Bree by liking her facebook page. See an interview with Bree here

StreetStyle Sydney (A Bree Jacket) wearing Bree tee

Bree's Shop in 100 squared


  1. This is really neat! I am getting a sewing machine for xmas and hope to start doing this as well. Kudos to her!

    Goodwill Huntingg

  2. WOW I love this blog, I'm now a follower :)}

    Would love for you to check out mine too:

    Erika xx