Le Smoking with Flowers....

Jacket: Mary Gregory
Jumpsuit: Vintawj
Bag: Chanel
Shoes: YSL Tributes
Socks: AA
Photo: By Julia Ptak Photography

Bit of a strange combination but it kinda works for some reason. Black jumpsuit I picked up in Berlin dotted with poppies and daisies. As I am quite curvy I NEVER dared do a jumpsuit. They never really worked for me but this one is perfect. When I picked it up in the vintage warehouse I thought it was a dress and stuck my two legs into one leg. If that makes sense. Anyways, I figured it out and fell in love. Super comfy and only cost a tenner. Score. The tuxedo style jacket is one of my most treasured clothing items. It's cut razor sharp and made from cupro silk super high quality silk which apparantly is the best kinda silk there is. I was given it very kindly by a designer called Mary Gregory from her 90's archives. I love that it's quite long and has two big pockets that fit loads for nights out and the buttons are designed like old coins. The shoes are my super duper bargain from BT's. I hummed and hawed about these forever. Are they too slutty, tacky I pondered! They are tributes by YSL in dark denim. They cost me Euro 99 reduced from Euro 695. Sometimes working in retail has an upside(friends who tell you about the bargains)! Now, don't go thinking I indulge in expensive shoes all the time but I do treat myself every so often for working like a trojan. Anyways you would be a fool to turn down a designer bargain like that! OK. I admit it I have been working with expensive clothes for two long and now have disillusions that I too can afford these clothes. Add cute sparkley socks and pair with non slutty clothing and they then become non slutty. You actually can't really see them here. Sorry. Anyways I love them.

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