Granny Takes A Trip....

Jeez sometimes I really feel like I should have been born in another era. Preferably the 50's. Preferably London. Just so I could have been a teenager in the 60's and experienced this amazing time firsthand. Here's a look a some of the most famous 6o's London stores. Hung on You and Granny Takes a Trip being two of the best known.

Dear Santa......

Dear Santa,

Sumeia has been very good this year! She would treasure any of the following...

Either Balinese Girl or Mrs. Wong print by 60's artist Tretchikoff

Spotted this satchel company in Liberty's London. They are called zatchels and make cute
satchels in cool colours like this metallic blue for under Euro 100

Hermes scarf designed by French graffiti artist Congo. This will be a present to myself ....

Lilac and Dries .....

Jumper: H&M
Shirt: Acne

Pleggings: Topshop
Shoes: Dries Van Noten

Bracelets: Wanderlust & Co.

Lilac is my new favourite colour. It's soft but interesting. Funnily enough lilac flowers are also my favourite scent. Shades of lavender and lilac are being seen in a lot of collections recently with one of Chanel's Cruise line for '12 main colours being lavender. Purple power! I picked up this cute little jumper in H&M for 14 pounds while I was visiting my sis in London and I can't stop wearing it. It's got a little silver thread going through it that gives a nice glittery effect. It's teamed with my pleggings (plastic leather leggings)that are really comfortable and really warm along with my favourite shoes by Dries Van Noten. The are shimmery silver metallic with beige slingbacks. Another BT bargain! And my studded bracelets from Wanderlust & Co. an Australian website. They make really great "arm Party" material, the phrase coined by the Man Repeller blogger to describe multiple bracelets of different styles stacked high. Photos's taken on the window sill in my living room. I live in a rennovated convent. I love my apartment as it has such character. The part I live in is what used to be the Chapel so my living room window is a chapel window. And, I have a real cherub casting on the wall in my kitchen. How cool is that. We found the place by chance and fell in love. Definately the best place I have ever lived in in Dublin......

Lovely Dries shoes and Wanderlust bracelets

Alexa at the Mulberry A/W '11 show wearing Mulberry

Joanne Hynes Emerald Collar..

What a perfect accessory. Such intricate detail, a beautiful colour and such a statement piece. This just needs to be paired with a really sleek maxi and killer heels and ta da your dressed.
Coming in at a cool E395 it's selling in The Marvel Room in BT's.