From Canvas to Fabric Van Gogh Inspires ...

My Favourite dress from Rodarte's S/S '12 collection inspired by Van Gogh's Starry Night Over the Rhone below.

I remember my first impression of Van Gogh's paintings was that he was capturing something beautiful, be it a scene or object, but that his interpretation always gave it a melancholic feel. Like "Sunflowers" or Starry Night" you could really see through Van Gogh's eyes that he looked at these beautiful things with a dark perspective. The Mulleavy sisters of Rodarte have always been more like like artists than designers to me in many ways. Their collections whilst always on first impression are beautiful and romantic, always have a dark undertone, that unless you explore their themes can often go unnoticed. This duplicity is what has always drawn me to them as designers. I found it interesting that they used Van Gogh's paintings as inspiration for their S/S'12 collection. They quite literally use prints from paintings such as "starry night" and "Sunflowers" as well as Van Gogh's rich palette of abstract colour. To quote Laura Mulleavy in her interveiw about the collection in Dazed Digital
It’s like when I look at Van Gogh’s paintings - I see a melancholy within the dead sunflowers in the vase. There’s something very vibrant and there’s also a melancholy. And that’s the fascinating thing about it.

Mind you, Rodarte are the not the first to use Van Gogh's painting as inspiration. YSl Haute Couture Spring Summer collection of 1988 included lots of jackets using themes from his paintings such as "Sunflowers"

The dress Maggie Gylenhall wore to the 2010 Oscars by Dries was thought to be Van Gogh inspired.

If you fancy a little Van Gogh inspired fashion for yourself try these Starry Night painted Toms from Etsy here


  1. I love the colours! Great post I would die for that rodarte dress!

    Rachel x


    1. Hi Rachel, Nice to see you here. It's such a beautiful dress isn't it. Thanks for following me. Nice blog yourself xx

  2. I love Van Gogh, this is just amazing!!! I wnat these shoes so bad!