Under The Water .......

Chanel's S/S show was inspired by the sea. The colours of the sea, sea life, water and shimmering effects of shells. Florence and The Machine sang her beautiful sea themed song at the show, from her new album Ceremonials while standing in a giant sea shell. She looked amazing. In the collection were these amazing sea shell clutch's that look so realistic and are almost little works of art in themselves. While at the Dublin Flea market last Sunday a beautiful bag caught my eye at a stall and I had to stop and admire it. It reminded me of the Chanel shell clutch's. It was a wicker bag covered in beautiful little sea shells. The stall owner said it had belonged to her Granny who had purchased it in Nice decades ago. She didn't even want to sell it at the flea but felt as she wasn't using it she should sell it. It was definately too special to sell at flea prices and I think she was selling for around E80. If your a vintage collector this bag is something really special and definately worth the money. When I saw it I just thought about how something so old could be so very current at the same time.

Get Spotty....

My favourite spotty things of the moment.
balenciaga, marni ,danielle scutt ,marni x hm

Create your own Gwen Stefani Don't Speak moment and embrace the polka dot trend that's emerging. All the big names have been taking part with Balenciaga and Dolce doing some spotty shoes, Marni have been using large spots on seperates and also their H&M collaberation featured much spottyness.
Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama who is now in her 80's has spent her lifes work using polka dots in psychedelic repetitive abstract patterns making sculpture, paintings and installations in her trademark print. She only ever wears polka dot printed dresses and has been living in a mental institution in Tokyo since she comitted herself in the 70's and has stayed there in permanent residence by choice. She continues to work from her nearby studio. Completely bonkers I would say but completely frickin amazing at the same time as with all great people. She is doing a collaboration with Louis Vuitton at the moment that I would love to see at the Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris until the September 16th. Check out her dotty work here on her webpage. Her stuff is amazing.

Kusama in the 60's at Woodstock above and some of her art below.