The King of Fringe..............

I don't think my eyes have seen an item of clothing as beautiful as these jackets. Tim Ryan you are a magician. As a fellow Tipperarian my theory is that the boredom of growing up in the countryside without civilization for miles, coupled with the beauty of the surrounding nature forced kids of a creative persuasion to develop very powerful imaginations. I think that wearing one of these wondrous fringed masterpieces would transform me  into a very sexy 60's Anita Pallenberg crossed with 70's disco glamour puss all at once. This jacket is deserving of a white pony entrance to Studio 54.

They will be available to buy at Brown's in a few days. Now, how will I to get one  .............

Anita Pallenberg 60's

Diana Ross 70's
photos of jackets via TimRyanKnitwear on facebook ;other photos from tumblr

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