Tavi on TED.....

I discovered TED through a friend quite recently and immediately became hooked. There are loads of really interesting talks by super intelligent academics in fields such as psychology, science, technology etc. I was overjoyed to see my little blogger hero Tavi do a TED talk for TEDxTeen talking about her blog a little and her views on teenage girls and the ideals they have to live up to. I am amazed at how confident and eloquent she was in her speech. I can remember what I was like at 16 and I  wouldn't have had the composure to stand up and speak in a room full of adults. She came to fame at the age of 11 when she started her blog TheStyleRookie.com which soon gathered a loyal following by all those amazed at this little elfin kid's whacky insights on fashion. Tavi has now started a magazine called rookiemag.com for teenagers and the forever teenagers like me. Her aim for the magazine is to have articles and advice written by real girls for real girls. Five days after it's launch it reached a million hits. Creatively she is super inspiring.

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  1. I watched this recently and it just confirmed my love for Tavi, I love everything she says in this video x