Claire Barrow painted leather ...

Claire Barrow started to experiment with painting leather jackets whilst on a year out from fashion college, where she was spending most of her time hanging out in her flat watching cult movies. Her first was of white clouds on a sky blue background (my favourite) painted on a leather jacket bought by her in a charity shop. The design she confesses may have been a subconscious optimism at the time.

Joseph Collaboration

 One worn on Rihanna's Loud Tour

Her designs since then have been inspired by gang tattoos, tribal designs, care bears and many other wierd and wonderful subculture references. Her work is so distinct that it was picked up by none other than RiRi herself when she wore two jackets on her Loud tour and one on an album cover. With such a famous fan her career has catapulted. So much so Joseph are now doing a collaboration in which Claire says she would like to keep as much of her personal touch as possible. Returning to the University of Westminster she will graduate from fashion design this year and I'm excited to see more amazing things from this talented artist. It's people like her that keep me loving fashion. Check out her website Claire Barrow and her Tumblr TheMilkofDanzig.

images from MilkofDanzig Tumblr

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