Granny Takes A Trip....

Jeez sometimes I really feel like I should have been born in another era. Preferably the 50's. Preferably London. Just so I could have been a teenager in the 60's and experienced this amazing time firsthand. Here's a look a some of the most famous 6o's London stores. Hung on You and Granny Takes a Trip being two of the best known.

Dear Santa......

Dear Santa,

Sumeia has been very good this year! She would treasure any of the following...

Either Balinese Girl or Mrs. Wong print by 60's artist Tretchikoff

Spotted this satchel company in Liberty's London. They are called zatchels and make cute
satchels in cool colours like this metallic blue for under Euro 100

Hermes scarf designed by French graffiti artist Congo. This will be a present to myself ....

Lilac and Dries .....

Jumper: H&M
Shirt: Acne

Pleggings: Topshop
Shoes: Dries Van Noten

Bracelets: Wanderlust & Co.

Lilac is my new favourite colour. It's soft but interesting. Funnily enough lilac flowers are also my favourite scent. Shades of lavender and lilac are being seen in a lot of collections recently with one of Chanel's Cruise line for '12 main colours being lavender. Purple power! I picked up this cute little jumper in H&M for 14 pounds while I was visiting my sis in London and I can't stop wearing it. It's got a little silver thread going through it that gives a nice glittery effect. It's teamed with my pleggings (plastic leather leggings)that are really comfortable and really warm along with my favourite shoes by Dries Van Noten. The are shimmery silver metallic with beige slingbacks. Another BT bargain! And my studded bracelets from Wanderlust & Co. an Australian website. They make really great "arm Party" material, the phrase coined by the Man Repeller blogger to describe multiple bracelets of different styles stacked high. Photos's taken on the window sill in my living room. I live in a rennovated convent. I love my apartment as it has such character. The part I live in is what used to be the Chapel so my living room window is a chapel window. And, I have a real cherub casting on the wall in my kitchen. How cool is that. We found the place by chance and fell in love. Definately the best place I have ever lived in in Dublin......

Lovely Dries shoes and Wanderlust bracelets

Alexa at the Mulberry A/W '11 show wearing Mulberry

Joanne Hynes Emerald Collar..

What a perfect accessory. Such intricate detail, a beautiful colour and such a statement piece. This just needs to be paired with a really sleek maxi and killer heels and ta da your dressed.
Coming in at a cool E395 it's selling in The Marvel Room in BT's.

Trippy Book Shelves...

I would like to store my books on these triptastic bookshelves. They would kinda give a room that dishevelled Alice in Wonderland feel. I think these could be made or is that a bit ambitous? They seem to have grooves that hold the books. I'll get the boyfriend to have a go!

So many things I love about this picture..

Anjelica Huston, Manolo Blahnik, David Bailey. Photography in 1974 for Vogue by Helmut Newton. Captures an era in Fashion.....

Le Smoking with Flowers....

Jacket: Mary Gregory
Jumpsuit: Vintawj
Bag: Chanel
Shoes: YSL Tributes
Socks: AA
Photo: By Julia Ptak Photography

Bit of a strange combination but it kinda works for some reason. Black jumpsuit I picked up in Berlin dotted with poppies and daisies. As I am quite curvy I NEVER dared do a jumpsuit. They never really worked for me but this one is perfect. When I picked it up in the vintage warehouse I thought it was a dress and stuck my two legs into one leg. If that makes sense. Anyways, I figured it out and fell in love. Super comfy and only cost a tenner. Score. The tuxedo style jacket is one of my most treasured clothing items. It's cut razor sharp and made from cupro silk super high quality silk which apparantly is the best kinda silk there is. I was given it very kindly by a designer called Mary Gregory from her 90's archives. I love that it's quite long and has two big pockets that fit loads for nights out and the buttons are designed like old coins. The shoes are my super duper bargain from BT's. I hummed and hawed about these forever. Are they too slutty, tacky I pondered! They are tributes by YSL in dark denim. They cost me Euro 99 reduced from Euro 695. Sometimes working in retail has an upside(friends who tell you about the bargains)! Now, don't go thinking I indulge in expensive shoes all the time but I do treat myself every so often for working like a trojan. Anyways you would be a fool to turn down a designer bargain like that! OK. I admit it I have been working with expensive clothes for two long and now have disillusions that I too can afford these clothes. Add cute sparkley socks and pair with non slutty clothing and they then become non slutty. You actually can't really see them here. Sorry. Anyways I love them.

Versace PowerHouse ....

This vid is from Versace x H&M collaberation launch in New York last week. Spot Prince, Uma Thurman and Helena Christensen in the audience. This collection will see the 80's powerhouse connect with younger fashionistas.
Since Gianni's sad departure the brand has slowly become more and more dated. This collection should give Versace a much needed injection of youth. Sorry the same cannot be said for Donatella ( cheap laugh I know). The womenswear has lots of gems. I especially love the long red dress, palm print skirt and jaguar necklace, the leather headbands and studded leather jackets. On the whole there are some very unwearable pieces i.e the silver and gold super mini crotch grazing dresses. Wearable only if you are a 7ft amazonian model! The menswear is really interesting. Loving the zebra printed pieces and again the studded leather ones.
The show music packs a punch and makes me wanna dance.
My House My Rules My Pleasure bam bam My House My Rules My Pleasure bam bam

Velvet Burnout Robe....

Velvet Burnout Robe : Vintage
Dress Underneath: Alexander Wang Jersey Dress
Boots: Nine West
Clutch: Vintage Faux Alligator
Watch and Ring: Chanel

This is one of my favourite items. It's a 90's velvet burnout grungy robe jacket that I have in burgundy with torqouise patches and sheer in the burnout part. It looks kinda tie dye. I love to throw it on over a tee and jeans if I'm feeling lazy going out or if I want to make more effort it can be worn with a leather mini and soft jersy vest underneath. Luxe hippy at it's best and really effortless .....

this picture is from

Superheroe Shoes..........

Wang makes superheroes out of his shoes this season by adding little capes at the back of them. I love the fluffy pom poms on this version too. They remind me of those satin fluffy mules Hollywood starlets would wear in the 40's. Shoe porn at it's best....

images from and

Stella's Tropical Stripes.........

Models played croquet and ping pong and frolicked around the gardens, while magazine editors mingled with celebrities such as Liv Tyler and Naomi Watts. Stella's launch party for her resort collection held in St. Luke's in the West Village was very fun and informal mirroring her new collection. The idea of Resort collections originally came about for rich clients holidaying at Christmas and New year in sunny climes and so it was to service their wardrobes for this lifestyle. Now designer clothes are accessible to all, many young designers resort collections are less about old rules and are more about experimenting with fun design ideas. They are collections that are inter season and versatile.
Stella's collection was made up of pieces that could easily be bought as separates and worked into your own wardrobe if you could not afford a whole look. I absolutely adore the digital Hawaiian prints mixed with colour striped tops and the black pant and tee suit with the amazing Hawaiian print was definitely my favourite. If you look at the whole collection there is also some hounds tooth pants and skirts mixed with little Hawaiian print tees, sweaters as well as crombie and blazer jackets. It really is a beautiful, fun, poppy collection.
For us mere mortals who won't be holidaying in St. Tropez this January this collection makes it possible to pick and mix some really cool printed pieces and add those pieces to our winter wardrobes. And if we can't pick and mix from this it will certainly leave us craving tropical Hawaiian prints. J'adore.......

Bree Bennett Customised Vintage....

Bree in one of her own designs

100 Squared is a unique retail concept based in Westfield, Sydney, Australia that took 100 square metres of space and turned it into a store that houses only emerging designers. I really support these ventures. We need to give our young designers more outlets to sell their wares. I think Atelier 27 in Dublin has been great for this.
100 Squared stocks gems of young Aussie designers, one of which is Bree Bennett. I love what Bree is doing. She hunts down unique vintage pieces and tears them apart, hacking off sleeves or adding leatherpieces or different fabrics to create a new modern garment. I have been a vintage collector for years now and have collected some beautiful, unique pieces my time. What you learn about vintage is that you really have to pair it with new modern pieces to stop your look being too dated. I have found myself customising vintage finds by shortening lengths or taking the sleeves off but I love how Bree is taking pieces and putting a totally new spin on them. Her collections have been so successful she is now expanding her space in 100 Squared this year. I really hope she will start selling online soon so us fashion lovers abroad can purchase some of those lovely upcycled clothes. Support Bree by liking her facebook page. See an interview with Bree here

StreetStyle Sydney (A Bree Jacket) wearing Bree tee

Bree's Shop in 100 squared

Gucci Galore....

These shots are from November's edition of Vogue Spain. The editorial was shot in Venice featuring all Gucci A/W ' 11. It's guest edited by the Natasha Poly. Doesn't she look like a sexy 70's spy girl.



Shirt: StyleStalker
Jeans: Topshop Kirsten
Boots: Nine West
Brooch: Chanel

Stella McCartney's very successful experiment with snakeskin has led to an explosion of the print on the highstreet and has also seen other designers carrying on the trend this season with Chloe using a lot in their A/W'11 collection. You can find snakeskin print absolutely everywhere on the highstreet at the moment from shoes to leggings, dresses and bags etc. Needless to say with any print less is more. The aim is to have a little of the print mixed with neutrals or block colour. So if your wearing snakeskin shoes don't overload with a bag and if your wearing pants don't wear a snakey top too. My snakeskin shirt from StyleStalker is so easy to wear. I love that it's slightly sheer and that it's shorter at the front than the back (fishtail), which is great when you wear it with a leather mini.

Chloe A/W '11 & Snakeskin shoes from LoveAesthetic Blog

Happy Birthday Loubies......

Can you believe that it's Louboutin's 20 year anniversary! To celebrate this the display team in Barney's New York put together this amazing installation. Pretty cool isn't it?

Christian Louboutin: Celebrating 20 Years and the Launch of the Book from BARNEY'S NY/ Michelle Chu on Vimeo.

Grungy Jumper Love ...

I have been a fan of James Long quite a while now. Another Fashion East protege he concentrated on Menswear until he debuted his first Womenswear collection about 6 months ago for A/W '11. It certainly didn't disappoint. His strengths lie in grungy luxe knitwear. Keeping it more a muted on the catwalk James seems to really indulge in colour for his Asos collections. This is my favourite jumper that he did for his last collaboration with Asos. I call it my happy jumper. When I put it on I can't help but feel comfortable. I love it's blend of different coloured and textured wools, it's grungy holey look and how it looks like I could have knitted it myself.

Jumper - James Long for Asos
Ring - Metal Pointu's, Paris
Neon Friendship Bracelet - Berlin
Jeans - Leigh Topshop Skinnies.
Boots - Nine West

Lipstick - Colour Marilyn, Chanel
Picture - By Julia Ptak Photography

This is the Asos one I am lusting after now!
A/W'11 backstage via

WeWood Eco Watches ......

I am just mad about this new Italian watch company called WeWood. Made from 100% wood these watches are Eco friendly and are a perfect marriage between design and nature. The companies motto is " One Watch One Tree One Planet " and they promise to plant a tree for every timepiece sold. WeWood is partnered with American Forests which is one of the oldest non profit conservation organisations who this year alone will plant 4.8 million trees in 43 projects across 10 countries. The price point for these watches is between Euro 90 and Euro 100, there are 11 pieces in the collection and they are available in date or chrono and a range of wood colours from beige to black. I think they would make the perfect Christmas gift for a significant other. Friends of mine Ida and Aurthur are now the Irish distributors for this cool brand, so I will keep you posted on where they will soon be available to purchase in Ireland. I can't wait. xxxx

Fierce Like a Panther...........

Ricardo Tisci really knows how to dress a woman. In today's World women are required to be fierce to survive. Our clothes are sometimes worn like armour. Although we try hard to look fierce sometimes we want to just look cute too. This look from Givenchy really sums up how every woman wants to dress. Beautiful but fierce. Just like a panther............. Grrrrrr!

To recreate this look you could try and find a panther tee like this one below from Ebay and a satin skirt this the one below from Oasis. xx


DIY Love .....

Ivania Carpio is one of my favourite bloggers. Her blog called LOVE AESTHETICS demonstrates her fabulous minimalistic, futuristic style but my favourite thing about her blog are her DIY posts. Here she takes a burgundy shirt (burgundy is so hot right now!) and makes cut two cutouts from the collar down to just about the bust. It looks so easy but it totally transforms this simple shirt into a really edgy piece. I'm off to get a vintage silk shirt to have a go myself...........

Pleez don't make me sit beside Her!

Anna Wintour and Nicki Menaj looking uncomfortably seated next to each other at Carolina Herrera's show for NYC fashion week! Oh and look Anna's dress and Nicki's gross shoes totally match. Hilarious!

Kinder Love.......

Kinder Aggugini is a Milan born, London based designer who has previously worked for household names such as Versace, Galliano and Vivienne Westwood. He is slowy becoming a household name himself, being the first to sign up for Macy's Impulse line last February, which is something similar to what Target has previously done with Rodarte. It has given him a presence in the US when he was previously totally unknown. He describes his signiture design style as Coco Chanel marries Sid Vicous. What an awesome combination.....
Some pics from his A/W '11 collection courtesy of