All About Me.....

 I have been obsessed with clothes for as long as I can remember and as a little girl took any opportunity to show my favourite outfit. I devoured fashion magazines and dreamed of someday, somehow doing this as a job. I studied business and marketing and after working in many jobs that weren't for me, I knew that I had to find one doing something I loved. You know how the saying goes "Find a job you love and you'll never....... And so, I kinda fell into fashion, working firstly in a popular Irish boutique, to now working for a very famous and fabulous luxury brand. Although the unsociable hours can sometimes grind,  it is certainly never boring. Getting to see new collections before everyone else, fabulous clients with very interesting lives, the benefits of discount and I also work with a very funny bunch. On the side, I enjoy adding to this page, I collect vintage and love traveling to exotic places.

My little blog exists to bring you the interesting, sparkly and magic brands, people and things I stumble upon. Feel free to comment on my blog or mail me with suggestions.

xxxx Sumeia xxxxx